An essay on assisted reproduction
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All Reproduction Is Assisted (Merve Emre, Boston Review).
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What an interesting essay. Thanks for posting!
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What a minefield, my sympathies out to anyone going through this struggle. The amount of casual sexism and other bigotry among doctors and reproductive health are infuriating. I guess a good education in medicine doesn't mean anything about what kind of person you'll be.
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This essay is brilliant. What she discusses rings true to my experiences reproducing while queer. I love the idea of a positive right to reproduction as an organizing principle for minority women.
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I read a lot of science fiction, and artificial wombs (of the pop-in-embryo-get-baby-in-9-months type) pop up occasionally. It's funny to me that in my sample of n=2, a mother as written by a male author speaks of them as not fully emotionally involved and therefore lesser, whereas in the works written by a female author with children, a society that doesn't use them is seen as barbaric and backwards by the galaxy-at-large.

(Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold and Honor Harrington series by David Weber.)
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