interesting skate video
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Matt Tomasello AKA "Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts" (SLYT skate video). Gets interesting around 0:40.

I'm only an occasional viewer of skate videos but the board mod stuff here was new to me and pretty neat.
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That's pretty cool! Thanks for posting!
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There are so many tricks in here with just his normal boards that are beyond insane, the non-normal board tricks almost get lost.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT those tricks off of the bollard, for instance.
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good stuff yodawgiheardyoulikedskateboards.gif
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Hah, this is like a skateboarding version of Christian Marclay. "Mullen on [...]" is a bit hypey, but he winds up having some good bits in there. The editing is a bit frantic and it would be nice if more of the tricks were shown at actual speed. Nice find!
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dammit mullacc
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As someone who won't skate on even slightly wet concrete, this was worth it just to watch the dude skate on snow and ice. The ways people express themselves through skateboarding are endlessly fascinating.
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I'm currently doing a playthrough of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2; it's great to see tricks more insane than those possible in the pretty ridonkulous game.
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I've never seen a Heath Robinson domino skateboard before

Yes but can he walk on water?
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This rules. I feel like there's a general lack of media where something is simultaneously totally silly and extremely rad. Matt Tomasello's tricks are both.
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I twisted my ankle just watching that.
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I had to slow the video down to be able to tell what exactly was happening on some of the ones with the crazy boards. So cool.
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This was all filmed in my town! I have taken my kids into that skate park to ride their scoot bikes, and recognize one of the guys in the video as a regular at the same cafe where I'm a regular. So... that's neat for me I guess.

Also I dig the modified boards and general creativity of these tricks.
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I kept hearing the "Transformers changing" noise in my head on those shots with the trick boards.
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Awesome. The music makes it for me - it enhances the sense that each individual trick is light and easy - even through I’d have spent years trying to land even one or two of these
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There's loads more absurdity on Tomasello's Instagram feed.


fucking hell
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That was so delightful. More like Rodney Mullen meets Michel Gondry. Makes me wanna grab my rusty dusty old Dogtown and break my leg in the driveway.
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