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Teased with a series of street art pieces and a warped press release from, ahem, Warp Records, Aphex Twin has announced a new forthcoming EP, Collapse, with the release of track 'T69 Collapse' (warning: may trigger epilepsy.)
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Mods - can we have the video link pulled please. This video failed the standard broadcast test for photoepilepsy and cannot legally be screened on television. I would prefer that visitors to the Blue were also spared the risk.

No offence to original oyster who rightly flagged the risk.

posted by fallingbadgers at 12:28 AM on August 8, 2018

There's already plenty of videos on the blue with epilepsy warnings.
posted by fearfulsymmetry at 12:36 AM on August 8, 2018

Oh nice!..like mid 90s demo graphics turned up to 111.
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'Sounds interesting', I thought, on coming back into the house where the radio was on having walked the dog last night: '...sounds a lot like Aphex Twin'. It was this: having been oblivious to the teasers it was a pleasant surprise to hear it!
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This has apparently also been advertised on the London tube.
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That video is awesome.
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Quite chill for Aphex Twin, I thought.
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I am excited. My son spent part of the summer playing with loops in GarageBand and developed a few tracks that really sounded to me like he’d been listening to some of my collection of electronic/ambient stuff ... think he’d like this.
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Liking this; it'll partially fill the gap while impatiently waiting for Boards of Canada to finish making their forthcoming album.
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I like the bit with the... bubbling meat tunnel?
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adding this one to my list of "watch during an acid trip" videos. I've been an Aphex Twin fan since before I was old enough to drive, so this is relevant to my interests. Thanks for posting fearfulsymmetry !!
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That would seem a bit like doubling things up, TBH.
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mmmm yes, this is sufficiently demoscene-y. Thanks.
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So if you liked this, but haven't followed him in ages, and haven't heard his most recent LP, I *highly* recommend Syro. It's so amazingly beautiful and well produced and... *smooth* in terms of production values. I honestly think it's his best work yet (I'd say it's probably ANALORD++) It lacks the harshness of, say RDJ album or Come to Daddy or Druqks, probably more aking to his AFX work (analogue bubblebath, etc...) and SAWII.

I have high hopes for this after hearing this. Cheetah was ok. Not super keen on it. But yeah. Syro. So so so smooth.
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The Cult of Aphex Twin BBC Radio 4, Youtube
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