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Blogging for credit.... We've had some interesting posts about weblogs on MeFi today - is there room for one more? This one is about a credit course offered at UC Berkeley (of course) on weblogs and weblogging.
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Sounds like an interesting (and timely) class. Remember, that hypertext (and weblogs) aren't such new and novel concepts as we sometimes think they are. Ted Nelson (father of the Xanadu project) is thought to have first coined the term hypertext in 1963, while teaching Sociology at Vassar (my alma mater). Classes about crafting hypertext have been taught at many forward-thinking schools for years.

In 1994 at Vassar, I took an English Department course called "Hypertext Rhetoric and Poetics," taught by pioneering (1987) hypertext novelist Michael Joyce. That course was amazing, and it looks like it's still being offered this semester, eight years later. That class was groundbreaking because it was taught in a "virtual classrooom." Each student in the 20-person class sat in the same room at his/her own Mac and we had several "conversations" going on at once, i.e. the spoken conversation with our voices, the written dialogue that was being typed simultaneously on an interchange chat program, and a visual exchange of information via hypertext presentations on an overhead projector. It was an amazing experience that completely prepared me for my work experiences in the year 2002 where I can be speaking on the phone, navigating through websites, and typing on IM with a co-worker without missing a beat.

Hypertext classes have been taught for years at many other schools too. There's a New Media and Poetics class being taught at Michigan Tech, a Hypertext Theory and Practice course at M.I.T, and probably many more that I'm not aware of.
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