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There's Waldo is a robot built to find Waldo and point at him. The Verge: "If you’re totally stumped on a page of Where’s Waldo and ready to file a missing persons report, you’re in luck. Now there’s a robot called There’s Waldo that’ll find him for you, complete with a silicone hand that points him out."
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No word on how it handles this sort of scenario.
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So there is a use for AI.
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In human childrens' defense, those were some pretty fucking easy Waldos to find. Also, would it have killed the robut maker to fashion the hand to actually point instead flopping and entire five fingers onto the page?

/bitter about everything right now because a nephew woke my ass up at 6:00 this morning when I'm used to sleeping in to 9:00 on the weekends because my kid is awesome like that
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The video's editing is making me skeptical. I'm just pointing that out.
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I didn't know that the other kind of waldo are named for a Heinlein short story.
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But can it do The Land of Waldos?

(The real Waldo has lost his shoe.)
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Yeah, it can find Waldo, but can it find Wally? Or Jesus?
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Just here to point out that you could do a pretty good hack at this in the late 80s with a PC and some image transform algorithms. The camera would be the biggest stumbling block, you'd probably have to use a flatbed scanner which would really dull the drama of the robot pointing to an upside-down book.
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