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deadmau5 dared me to circuit bend a bible The wonder wonder bible. Nothing against the bible here. I showed it to a couple of christian friends before and they seemed to like it. for what thats worth! Im Just #circuitbending a cold blooded machine, for the more avantgarde inclined

From the guy behind the 44-Furby Furby Organ
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I saw a commercial for one of those talking bibles a few days ago and thought I had been taken back in time about 15 years. Kind of freaky things to contemplate without even being modified. Someone with more initiative should upload a parody video that replaces the audio in the commercial with bits from the bent version.
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Follow me, and I will make you circuit benders of men.
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The Furby organ was simply breathtaking. A monumental achievement, on par with Marvin Suggs' Muppaphone.

Did deadmau5 ever claim the bent bible, though? And did it open the portal as was prophecied? So many questions.
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This guy is incredible.
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That's probably one of the most inspired circuit bent devices I've seen in at least a decade.

When I saw a commercial for these things, it reminded me of those Buddha box gizmos that you occasionally see in Chinatown. The Buddha boxes go back at least 15-20 years, simple, cheaply made plastic boxes that resemble a pocket transistor radio, with very minimal controls. Usually a volume/on off knob, and a button. Turn it on, and it plays a loop of some kind of short-ish chant, maybe between 5-20 seconds long. Press the button, and it switches to a different loop chant. Some of the fancier Buddha boxes even feature a simple psychedelic light show. The one I have is identical to the one this young woman is demonstrating. They were sold very inexpensively, and I thought they made good gifts.

I suspect the Buddha boxes used some kind of chipcorder type device, given their limited capability and age. With modern memory and microcontrollers, a whole indexable recorded Bible looks pretty well within the realm of cheap these days.
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2N2222: Oh look. Woah, and a documentary.
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I can never tell if this guy is performing a character, but in the end I don’t care because LOOK AT THAT RIG
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The robin's egg blue of the analogue dial thing he uses means it's a Bruel & Kjaer: beautiful old acoustic/vibration monitoring gear.
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The buddha boxes in that documentary are very different from the circuit bent tat further up. They are lovely, and it is great to see electronic music where the performer/audience barrier is erased.
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