Nicolas Winding Refn's new streaming service
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The site also has ambitions beyond introducing a few strange, old movies every few months. Taken as a whole, byNWR makes a case for several lost or dying institutions at once: the low-budget exploitation film, of course, but also the obsessively focused zine, the Web 1.0-era online magazine, and the video-store clerk willing to recommend something truly unusual to jaded viewers who think they've seen it all.

Nicolas Winding Refn's new streaming service tries to shape a better future out of a sleazy past, by Keith Phipps.

byNWR is the streaming service itself, by Nicolas Winding Refn. Volume 1's guest editor is Jimmy McDonough. Volume 2's is the team behind Little White Lies.
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Ooh, this made me look up Winding Refn's imdb page and was quite excited to see he is doing a 10 parter for amazon with Ed Brubaker: Too Old to Die Young.
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I have mixed feelings about Refn. I have enjoyed and not enjoyed his films. The interviews I have seen (by no means comprehensive) seem to host a man so full of himself that I wonder why others work with him. The website however promises so much low brow joy that I will probably be spending way too much time exploring it.
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