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Werner's Nomenclature of Colours (previously) is an 1821 system of describing colour shades designed by Abraham Werner and Patrick Syme, and was used by used by scientists such as Charles Darwin to accurately and reproducibly describe the natural world. There is now a beautifully-produced online version by Nicholas Rougeux.
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Related, from a week ago in the New Yorker - Treasures from the Color Archive
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I use a similar-to-Werner system, "Why Archaeologists Love Brown. These little books cost almost 200 bucks.
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Good, we finally found a solid, celebrated, historical rebuke to this nonsense!
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This should be made into an app! Imagine just pointing your phone at something and learning it is the characteristic color of Tail Feathers of Black Cock.
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I'm imagining that, without the app even
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In the 1830s, travelling in Europe with his parents, The young Ruskin made himself a 'cyanometer' to accurately record the shades of blue in the southern skies. I wonder if he was aware of this system.
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The cyanometer was invented in 1789 by Horace-Bénédict de Saussure.
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I have the book right next to me.

On my screen MeFi blue looks closer to #24, Azure Blue, Breast of the Emerald Crested Manakin, Grape Hyacinth, Gentian, Blue Copper Ore.
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My mycology professor had a huge book of colors in his library so he could exactly describe the color of mushroom spores in a spore print. It's one of those things you don't realize are important until you do realize it.
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When FanFare supports books we can start posting stuff like this to the Auricula.
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