A simple version of Hallelujah
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In the chaos of hurricanes, toxic politics, climate change, divided nations, and global conflict, there are still points of light. Jake Shimabukuro's "Hallelujah". Just close your eyes, clear your mind and listen.
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Jake Shimabukuro is a national treasure.
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Hah! I had the exact same comment in mind to make, blob!

My son thinks Jake is the bee’s knees.
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Just lovely.
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This is from his new album, The Greatest Day. I saw him in concert last month. He had a bass player and an electric guitarist with him and I thought "Aw, this won't be as good as Jake by himself." I couldn't have been more wrong.
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Thank you.
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Johnny, I remember when he was just a youtube wonder kid... nice to see he's gained the respect that he has...
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Yeah, I know him as the Ukulele weeps guy.
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Maybe I'm just emotional today but this made me cry. Go figure.
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So beautiful. Thank you on a day and time when pure beauty is so needed as a reminder there is good as well as evil in humankind.
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But you don't really care for music, do ya?
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I got to see Jake perform live a couple of months ago. I have never seen anyone bring so much godsdamned joy to a performing stage. Like Johnny said, he had a bass player and guitarist with him, and it was so very heartening to watch him happily high-five and fist bump both of them after each song.

Let's not forget his TedX Talk from several years ago featuring a lovely version of Bohemian Rhapsody.
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This. This is why Metafilter. Thank you.
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This is your periodic mandatory reminder that Hallelujah has the same syllable stress pattern as Waluigi.
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Humanity can stop with the Hallelujah covers now. No one will ever top this.
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Utterly captivating -- thanks for sharing!
posted by PaperArtist at 6:40 AM on September 12

Had I not heard this, I would be continuing to claim that I don't like the ukulele.

Thanks for posting.
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