No Pants, No Gun, No Service
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Colorado Sports Fan's Plan To Rob Vape Store Falls Apart After He Drops Gun And Pants
This guy here, by appearances an avid Broncos and Rockies fan, spectacularly failed to rob an E-Cig of Denver store in Colorado on Sept. 2. Fumbling his gun over the counter was a bad start, and failing to secure his pants was a bad follow-up, although he did redeem himself somewhat with a super cool karate kick to spur his getaway.
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In a related story, the clerk has been fired for watching Ultimate Beastmaster on company time.

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I used to live in Aurora, seemed to me a bad place to shoplift or rob. This was the kind of town to put security tags on soap, ya know? The WalGreens/CVS near my apartment stopped being 24 hours after a roving band of teenagers mass robbed them, so that seemed to be the preferred local thievery technique.
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The unflappable clerk is the secret MVP of the video. I'll take some of what she's vaping, please.
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The unflappable clerk is the secret MVP of the video.

Indeed, she takes a moment to smoke right after she's picked up the gun.

“Oh wow, this is a gun, but also, this pineapple isn't going to vape itself!”
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"Good news everyone. We have a new gun."
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That was a gub, not a gun.
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I wonder what she threw in the trash as she stood up.
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The Avs were spared the curse of his allegiance! Gabe Landeskog lives to blissfully Disney Prince his way through another day.
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The newest e-cig flavor: Butterfingers.
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Speaking of butterfingers, on the sidebar to that link: "If You Don't Want To Watch A Man Shoot Out A Turd Into A Toilet From Way Downtown, Here's A Summary".
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The headline really confused me. The implication of it being a vape store led me to read it as "sports fan drops his gun while struggling to breathe". It's a long headline; there's no reason they couldn't have used "trousers" instead.
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Eats shoots and leaves.
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I like how the section they posted this news item in is called "Life's rich pageant", and this is the only item in that section.
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