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I admit, I skimmed/fastforwarded (TLDW) but, upended how?
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Nicolas Cage

Bold choice.
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I admit, I skimmed/fastforwarded (TLDW) but, upended how?

Diversity of models:
Slick Woods [...] modeled in the presentation at nearly nine months pregnant. Woods was one of two pregnant models who took to the runway, with a lineup that featured models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds.
TIME Magazine coverage with some photos and video clips.
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Oh, okay thanks for the context. I don’t know any of these names. I’m probably not in the market for this sort of thing. I’ll just bow out.
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I really love seeing genuinely plus-sized models -- not just curvy women -- but genuinely differently-sized/shaped women. This was so, so awesome!
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The Cut's take.


The lingerie is not my style and as a collection it didn't feel very cohesive. But my taste doesn't matter, because the show said so much more with its vision and choice of casting.

Slick Woods reportedly went into labor after the show! :D

Rumor mill churning that Marc Jacobs ran his show late to sabotage her show (he is traditionally the last show of NYFW), but it's nonsense. Making Anna Wintour wait is not a good strategy and if anything, some people left his show to make it to Rihanna's.
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I'm so, so, so happy with this show, and the models that had so many different bodies. Slick Woods wasn't even the only pregnant model!

I do like some of the Savage x Fenty lines, and really love that they're offered at a reasonable price point. Chromat also featured a range of models in a gorgeous runway show, but their pieces are ones I have to save up for and kind of take a deep breath before buying.
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(oh bloody hell, I just looked at more of Chromat's collection, and I retract my previous statement. YOU GO, collections with diverse fashion week offerings and remotely affordable prices!!)
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That was spectacular!
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I realized after I clicked the link that I probably should have done so in an incognito window; I don't want youtube showing me lingerie suggestions for the rest of my life.
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oooh they even have a model wearing glasses. I feel so seen!!
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That was very entertaining and I like the models' different shapes, sizes, colors, body art, scars, etc. However, my beef is that we can't seem to get away from the complete removal of all natural body hair. My personal definition of feminism includes an understanding of beauty that includes unshorn, unsculpted, unshaped, etc. hairiness in all of its diversity for all genders.
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Love the show (the frequently unnerving choreography was delightful); hate the collection.
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I'm an atheist-but-prudish cis white dude who usually isn't all that into the overt sexual content in popular hiphop and RnB and generally dislikes fashion culture (tho I've spent a lot of time around folks who love it, and whom I deeply admire). So, I mean to say that I've been widely exposed to and generally don't like this sort of thing.

I like this a lot. This is beautiful and challenging and weird and sexy and fun and obviously expresses mountains of thought and work. And it's definitely not for me, and shouldn't be. And I love it.
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