Mayan Game of Thrones
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A 1,500 year old Mayan altar discovered in a small archaeological site in northern Guatemala is drawing comparisons to popular fantasy drama television series "Game of Thrones" for its descriptions of the Kaanul dynasty's political strategies aimed at bringing entire cities under its control.

According to studies, the 1.46-meter by 1.2-meter slab contains a hieroglyphic Mayan inscription corresponding to May 12, 544.

[T]hese pieces of evidence show that the Kaanul dynasty, or Serpent Kingdom, developed a political movement in La Corona that allowed them to defeat their Tikal "arch rivals" in 562 and thereafter rule the Mayan lowlands in southeast Mesoamerica for two centuries.

There have been quite a few Maya discoveries in recent years. Excavations are made more difficult by the region's remoteness and regular use by criminal gangs and drug traffickers.

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You could warn them...if only you spoke Hovitos!
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The Tulane press release says “The altar is made of limestone and displays the image of previously unknown king, Chak Took Ich’aak”
which can’t possibly be correct.
This story, complete with GOT reference, came out in 2015, too.
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