Chuck! I'm really scared, so I'm hoping you can help me out.
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One year ago, writers Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes did a goofy Twitter thing. (previously) Today, they unveiled the first trailer for the feature-length slasher movie parody based on their goofy twitter thing, YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER, starring Fran Kranz as Sam and Alyson Hannigan as Chuck.

Wendig announced the movie on his blog. It premieres at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, next week.
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Well, that Twitter thread was one of my favorite books I read last year, and that was a year during which I also read The Dispossessed and Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber, so, competition is tight. I just don't know if this adaptation looks like it's really carrying across the right tone from the original, you know?

Two tangential things:

Chuck Wendig is apparently from my area, and was a guest at a small comic-con at our local library that my friend helped organize. She says he is very nice?

Also, where can I find Alyson Hannigan's striped blue-sleeved shirt? That is an extremely cute shirt.
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Literally one of those experiences that shouldn't be translated out of its original medium because the medium is such a part of the massage message.

I wish them well with the movie, but I can't see it being an experience that will at all add anything to the original experience.
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This is so weird.
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I was just wondering what Fran Kranz has been up to.
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Glad we have the internet police deciding on what should and shouldn't be translated out of its original medium. Makes sense.
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Media is full of examples of things which didn't translate well. If you don't realize that, then I don't know what to say.

Also, I never flashed a badge or claimed to be law enforcement. I'm a member of MetaFilter, just like everyone else here. Hey, nice to meet you, Pig Tail Orchestra.
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I don't need to see the movie, but it amuses me to no end that it exists, and what its origin is. Sadly, if my twitter feed were optioned, it would just be a slide show of cute animals and Star Trek characters cursing a lot.
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From a dramaturgical perspective, and only generally speaking, you don't want to give away something that could be a destabilizing surprise too soon. Not having seen the actual movie yet, I feel like these dudes had one funny idea and then maybe didn't build as much around it as they could have? Like, the moment when the audience realizes that the scared guy calling his friend is actually the killer should take the audience very much by surprise and make them laugh at his (possibly supernatural???) lack of self-awareness. You can't just give that away! What's left? It just looks like a premise without a story. I don't quite get it.
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A lot of good movies are in the execution, not in the surprise factor. It's what lets us watch our favorites multiple times. If they've done it right, even though the "twist" is in the title of the movie itself, it won't matter.
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Sykes and Wendig also recently riffed on creepy harvest folk traditions:

@SamSykesSwears reminisces:
Some of my favorite Autumn traditions:
-Warm cookies with cider
-Curling up under a thick blanket on a chilly day
-Hiding from the gray Starving Man in his threadbare robe as he stalks the leaves, looking for souls to take back to the land of wind and fog
-Pumpkin Spice Lattes
But, @ChuckWendig, reminds him:
Don't forget apple picking! you pick enough apples, you live, you don't pick enough apples, the Starving Man sticks you in his body, turns you into new bones for his skeleton
And then they run with it and run with it, and it becomes a whole thing about the importance of maintaining the Old Ways while making room for new figures in the Autumn Rites like Knife-Fingered Annie and her reaping dance.

While there's no sign of Hollywood interest yet, the Starving Man is inspiring fan art (colorized version).
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I'm still recovering from the PTSD I developed the night years ago when I took a deep dive into Slenderman for the first time.
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Sadly, if my twitter feed were optioned, it would just be a slide show of cute animals and Star Trek characters cursing a lot.

I'd watch that.
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I hate slasher movies.

I kinda wanna see this one. Just... like how are they gonna do it? The “you might be the killer” is the beginning of the “how did his happen” rabbit hole and that looks like it could be a kinda awesome rabbit hole.
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