I can't remember the last time a singer gave me chills like this.
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Bent Knee's phenomenal album Land Animal is a study in contradictions: haunting at once effervescent, and metal and poppy and contemplative all at the same time. In short, it is a fantastic time.
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Holy shit. Holy Ghost is awesome. Wish the guitar and keyboard were mic’d a little bit louder but man. And the bass player reminds me of Tina Weymouth for reasons I can’t explain.
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It's very good.
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Strike the comment about the mic. Sounds stupid, but I only had one earphone in.
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Having leapt from mainlining live videos to mainlining studio recordings, I'll say that their production does a very good job of highlighting every musician individually. "Belly Side Up" [the "poppy" link, above] in particular has a brief-but-killer killer guitar solo that felt muted in the live vid.
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30 seconds in. i'm sold. thanks.
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I first heard these guys on Steve Davis' and Kavus Torabi's Interesting Alternative Show and was hooked right away. They're touring the U.S. right now. I'm hoping to catch them here in the Pacific Northwest in November.
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Art rock that rocks! Thanks.
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Metafilter: Sounds stupid, but I only had one earphone in.

This is Gœd Shëit.
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Gavin, the drummer, is a friend of mine! I actually was introduced to him through his own side project, Mr. Gavin's Meat Farm. Here's an interview I did with him ages ago! I think he mentions Bent Knee, but at the time I didn't know how awesome they were, so I didn't really follow up. But also check out the Meat Farm stuff.

I also have him to thank for introducing me to William D. Drake of Cardiacs!
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I was gonna say, if "Land Animal" (the song, not the album) was put together by someone who wasn't at least a minor Tim Smith fan, I'd have been astonished, impressed, and a little bit put out.

Speaking of which, I really ought to listen to the Interesting Alternative Show, geez. Fanboy creds need some dusting off...
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YES, Bent Knee rules! The guitarist (Ben) is a buddy of mine and everybody in the band is super nice.
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Wow! I could listen to this all day. Thanks for the new music introduction.
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YES! Bent Knee is currently my favorite Boston-area band. And that's not for lack of competition. They are truly extraordinary songwriters, musicians and performers. (Also, folks, they're on tour right now! If they're near you, GO, their live shows are transcendent.) Their previous albums are well worth checking out too, with a special shout-out to Shiny Eyed Babies. Check out "Way Too Long," and "In God We Trust." These are perfect post-breakup songs, or really for any time when you need rage but specifically exhilarating, sparkling, triumphant rage.

(I don't know any of the band members but I can share that, before a set at a small and echo-y art space, they passed around a huge jug of earplugs. Fantastic band AND they care about their listeners' hearing safety? Swoon; heart eyes.)
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Fab! Adding my thanks for the introduction.
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