Don't worry, Dabchick, this one's on me.
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Barnaby Dixon is a puppeteer and animator who makes YouTube videos featuring his amazing finger puppets. posted by bondcliff (8 comments total) 27 users marked this as a favorite
Dabchick is best chick.
posted by Popular Ethics at 10:59 AM on September 21, 2018

Super nice. Beautifully edited piece, too.
posted by bz at 3:31 PM on September 21, 2018

Oh look, a third comment, bondcliff.

I mean, the videos are cool.
posted by jjray at 7:24 PM on September 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

Oh good, I can cross “get a pity comment” off my bucket list.
posted by bondcliff at 7:31 PM on September 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

Love his work. My kids have been watching his stuff for some time. Seeing Adam geek out to his puppets was extra cute.
posted by greenhornet at 10:25 PM on September 21, 2018

I keep flipping back & forth between being astonished at how technically nimble they are, and being mesmerized by how expressive they become in his hands. Really magical -- thanks!
posted by Westringia F. at 4:22 AM on September 22, 2018

I came across this guy some time ago, his talents just blow me away. If this was an alternate universe he'd be the megastar puppeteer from "Being John Malkovich".
posted by Acey at 8:38 AM on September 22, 2018

Oh look! An eighth comment to go with that 2nd comment.
posted by bz at 1:29 PM on September 25, 2018

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