#NotHim: Brazilian women organize against fascism
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[NYT] [Guardian] [Bloomberg] [Economist] Brazilian women are faced with a direct threat in the October 7th elections: presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is leading the polls with 28% of voting intentions. He is a dangerous figure who spreads explicit hate speech towards women, blacks, LGBTs, indigenous and other minorities; his proposals for economic, health, climate change and environmental issues are senseless. He wants to arm the population and increase police violence towards black youth. He is a drugs prohibitionist that promotes fascist ideas and practices. For the past few weeks, women in Brazil have organized via social media groups and have called for public demonstrations that will take place on September 29.

There is an outpouring of support to this call from public figures, religious leaders, artists and hundreds of events are being organized in dozens of cities in Brazil and abroad.

Please engage and support us by sharing information and the #NotHim #EleNão #EleNo hashtags especially on next Saturday. Check out for events being organized near you. We need international solidarity right now. Please send some love!

USA: Atlanta, Boston, New York
ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires
AUSTRALIA: Melbourne, Sydney
CANADA: Montréal
FRANCE: Lyon, Paris
SPAIN: Barcelona
UK: London
PORTUGAL: Coimbra, Lisbon, Porto

(original text by Rebeca Lerer - slightly edited)
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The war on women is global.
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And the only reason he stands a chance of winning is the judicial coup against former president, and until recently the election frontrunner by a wide margin, Lula, and the parliamentary coup against the elected president Dilma Rousseff. Oh and of course the fact that (a large part of) the Brazilian business class has lately decided that he was the only viable candidate against the left and supports him. Haddad who is running in Lula's place is gaining in the polls rapidly, as much of the country didn't even recognise his name when Lula finally was withdrawn. I hope that he will finally defeat this fascist (and here the term can be used literally).
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No room for feelings” say Wall Street insiders as they back another Neofascist to deliver Neoliberalism, at the point of a gun, in the most resource-rich nation on earth.
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@adamvasco: the BrasilWire article is tremendously detailed, informative and horrific. Great resource!
Also : Steve Bannon, man, always at the side it seems of every sickening and bloodthirsty sociopath in the whole wide world. If I were religious I'd seriously consider him as some sort of Devil's Minion, if not, in fact, the Antichrist himself
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The Brazilian woman I work with in Tokyo came in today really excited about this. She'd been telling us about how it looked like Brazil had its own trump, and how he was probably going to win, but today, she was full of hope. I, for my part, hopes their election turns out a damn site better than 2016 in America.
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Alas, they didn't stab him good enough.
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Yesterday in Rio one of the admins of the facebook page Mulheres Unidos contra Bolsonario which has 3 million followers, was ambushed at her door when she arrived home and was beaten up by two Bolsonazi thugs.
Surprise surprise no-one has been arrested.
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Thanks for this, Tom-B. Ele não. Ele nunca.

If anyone out there can stomach it, here is a clip of a very courageous Ellen Page talking to Bolsonaro on her LGBT-themed travel show Gaycation.
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Bangaioh — I think that if he had died from the stabbing, it would be worse for Brazil. The spiral of violence would only increase, not to mention that his vice-president candidate is an actual hardline army general. We're working hard to defeat him at the polls.
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Yesterday there were demonstrations across Brazil in support of "EleNão".
After a recent rally in Rio, Dani Monteiro, a 27-year-old from a Rio favela also running for a seat in the state legislature, said: “Most of the representatives in the state legislature are white men. They can’t even imagine living the reality we live – they don’t live with constant shootings, having to protect your kids from stray bullets.
“We don’t yet know the scale of what we’re doing: we’re in the eye of the storm now — but I really think we’re a part of a historic moment in Brazil,” Monteiro said.

(of course this article is written by a female journalist)
The fascist has stated that he will not accept election result if he loses.
More than slightly worrying is that his running mate retired General Hamilton Mourão sees the ongoing confusion as a way to reintroduce Military Rule which is more than a bit worrying as all of my friends will then be rounded up.
These fuckers must be stopped and if anyone can do it through the ballot box it is Brazil's women. You go girls!
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What’s at Stake in Brazil’s Election? The Future of the Amazon. The Cerrado is also under threat.
Behind Bolsonaro the military is shaping the platform. one of whom supports eliminating the Ministry of Environment and moving its operations to the Ministry of Agriculture, which has been historically controlled by the agribusiness lobby.
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Establishment outlets like the Economist insist the Brazilian military is a moderating influence on the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. But precisely the opposite is true.
Bolsonaro’s Most Dangerous Supporters.
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Update: PT candidate Fernando Haddad is accusing the Bolsonaro campaign of illegally benefitting from a massive wave of right-wing disinformation on Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which is wildly popular in Brazil. Among the fake news:
One of the most outlandish lies being peddled involves the bogus claim that, as São Paulo’s mayor, Haddad equipped schools with so-called “mamadeiras eróticas” (erotic baby bottles) with penis-shaped teats in an supposed bid to fight homophobia.

“This is what the PT and Haddad are preaching to your kids,” an unidentified man claims in one video as he shows off the fictitious phallus. “You’ve got to vote Bolsonaro,” the man adds.

Another recent fabrication uses a video of Haddad visiting Interlagos, Brazil’s answer to the Silverstone racing circuit, to insinuate that he is the owner of a yellow Ferrari.
Haddad is seeking to have Bolsonaro, who is six points ahead in the latest polls, disqualified. The election is in eight days.

(I do wonder whether the courts, which have so aggressively pursued alleged PT corruption to the point of jailing the former president and barring him from office despite leading all polls, will act similarly aggressively against the fascistic Bolsonaro.)
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