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At ImagineNative, Indigenous-Made Films Challenge Expectations

As global film festivals slowly begin embracing indigenous storytelling, few do it as well—and as comprehensively—as ImagineNative. The Toronto-based film and media festival, now in its 19th year, kicking off on October 17, will feature five days of programming centered around works made by indigenous artists across the world.
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Fascinating, thanks!

Now I'm off to find more about Australia’s first-ever Miss First Nation pageant, based on the description "Think Native RuPaul’s Drag Race—only better."

And if you're looking for more First Nation content online, I'll drop a link to First Nation Experience -, a broadcast television station exclusively devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content.
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I’m surprised they didn’t highlight Biidaaban, an augmented reality view of post-apocalyptic Toronto meets Indigenous futurism.
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