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Nikon Small World in Motion Annual Winners 2018-2011 — beautiful microscopic movies and digital time-lapse photomicrography. (See also Nikon International Small World Photomicrography Competition Annual Winners 2017-1975).
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If anyone, like myself, is looking at these and going THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!! there's a Facebook group called Amateur Microscopy that delivers high quality microscopic photos and video to my newsfeed several times a day, with interesting and multilingual commentary/debate on what is being seen. (I have a Foldscope, so this kind of ting is very much my jam.)
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This is the coolest thing ever! Wow!

I kind of wish there were a little more descriptive text for those of us who aren't microbiologists, but even without, this is fabulous stuff.

Thank you!
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Polychaete worm of the syllidae family appears to be playing a tenor saxophone. Someone should add some Kenny G music to the video.
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