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the art of depicting skies in video games

Insert your own 8-bit zen-feeling music here!
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Rad Racer [YouTube] was always one of my favourite NES games and a big part of it was the way the sky/clouds changed as you raced.
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One of the things that has stuck with me forever, for whatever reason, is the sky from RealSports Volleyball on the Atari 2600. It might have been the first time I noticed that, hey, they’re doing something interesting with the background here that’s not part of the game.
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Reminds me a little of Powerlines in Anime.
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Ain't no sunset like an Atari 2600 sunset because an Atari 2600 sunset don't usually have many clouds because of the coarse resolution of the playfield and limited number of player sprites.
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love the colour palette in this one
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Here's a more modern SIGGRAPH paper [PDF] written by folks who made Horizon: Zero Dawn, while they were making it.

"In games, when you ask what the budget will be for lighting clouds, you might very well be told 'Zero'" (Spoiler: they wound up spending more than zero GPU and CPU on lighting their clouds)

If, for some weird reason, you would prefer to look at pretty pictures instead of reading a 97 page academic-ish paper, here is a timelapse video from the game.
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Needs more Forbidden Forest (1983) on the Commodore 64. As you progress through the levels, the moon moves gradually across the screen; the sky darkens from gray to black; stars appear (and twinkle occasionally); and finally, lightning flashes across the blackness, providing glimpses of a huge demon looming ever closer.
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The skies of the original Doom impressed me. Perhaps it was the contrast with frantic carnage.
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Yeah I remember the first time I ever saw Doom, playing on a demo PC at an electronics store, and being amazed at the sky/backgrounds you could see though the windows.
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Nothing compares to an actual dawn patrol in Rise of Flight. The game incorporates an astronometrically accurate sky sim and some impressive cloud-and-light stuff. The first time I was actually at altitude when the sun crept up the vault of the sky, long shadows and glorious color shifts, I actually physically leapt out of my chair shouting in excitement.
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The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to INVALID TEXTURE REFERENCE
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(some examples of RoF skies)
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I scrolled back a bit but didn't find Rygar, with its amazing blood-red sky and massive sun hanging over the mountains on the horizon. So vivid you could almost feel the heat from it.
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I had screenshots from Wind Surf Willy taped to the cover of my schoolbooks because I liked to skies so much in that game.
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Rygar is one of my favorite skies. I think with the sound track at the beginning, it sets the tone perfectly. I'll bet on my death bed with the tune still going through my head, I think.
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Heavy Gear is the one I remember watching someone else play, and the first time that I was really enamored with the way the sky looked in a video game.
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