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Yurok tribe revives ancestral lands by restoring salmon runs, protecting wildlife

The project, on this wild and scenic stretch of the Trinity, is outside the Yurok reservation, which stretches 44 miles from the mouth of the Klamath, but the two rivers converge at the edge of Yurok land and together support the largest salmon run in California outside of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta system.

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At one time my family lived not far from there. Glad to see any of the California tribes doing things like this! Thanks for this post.
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That looks like a nice little project, very typical of that kind of helicopter wood placement. They are fun projects and great for the river but are very expensive because big, heavy-lift helicopters cost an enormous amount by the hour.

I hope the upcoming dam removals will kick more funding loose for restoration implementation by the tribe so they can scale up this kind of work.
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After staying in the area a couple of times I‘ve been following the Yurok tribe on Facebook. It‘s amazing to see the great work they‘re doing up there - both for the salmon and for their community. The kind of news we need today.
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