Once upon a time in Sichuan...
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Vlogger Li Ziqi (李子柒, Weibo link, verified YouTube channel though I'm not sure what's up with that given YouTube's status in China) cuts some bamboo down and makes a living room set, forages for and prepares mushrooms, makes paper, and cooks a lot of traditional foods over wood stoves and coal braziers. There are costume changes, flute music, and more puppies than you might initially suspect. Also an oven shaped like a cat.

All links to YouTube. Some have English subtitles, some don't, but there's not a lot of talking anyway.
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Wow! Supremely talented.

It's also crazy how you can make basically anything with bamboo.
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Metafilter: More puppies than you might initially suspect.
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I loved the paper making video. I've never seen a twist in the story like that with these types of videos.
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where are the puppies, i have watched the living room set and the oven and there have been NO PUPPIES (these are wonderful)
posted by dismas at 10:34 AM on October 8

These are lovely, thank you!
posted by The Nutmeg of Consolation at 10:45 AM on October 8

Fantastic, so lovely! But what is that green stuff in the mushroom link?!
posted by Iteki at 12:50 PM on October 8

They're so very calming, and the makeup one makes me want to try it out...
posted by I claim sanctuary at 12:52 PM on October 8

The braziers one had a tiny pup that was so small it needed help getting up a stair. It's unbelievably adorable.
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The production values are so high and the virtue ethic so richly woven into it makes me believe this is funded by the Chinese government as internal propaganda on how to live well, within modest means and respect your elders.

It’s not that this is bad per se, but like many big budget Chinese movies produced lately there’s an undercurrent of Confucianism, of moral orthodoxy, that’s kind of a reminder to act right.

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seanmpuckett: I sort of had the same thought? like, i really enjoy watching these but I also wonder about the politics of it.
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also inthe80s HOLY SHIT THAT PUP
posted by dismas at 6:37 PM on October 8

But what is that green stuff in the mushroom link?!

The video says the plant itself is 臭黄荆, the only translation of which I can find is Premna ligustroides Hemsl. She makes it into 观音豆腐 (Guanyin tofu), which is apparently a traditional foodthing in parts of the Anhui region.
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Reddit is already all over the speculation about it being CCP propaganda etc... I debated whether to post that bit or just leave it as ambiguous-context Food Wuxia.
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For a second I thought this was innocently and intentionally in the same vein as the office worker who knits her ramen, Ms. Yeah.
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I love her stuff; the first I saw was her building a sink vanity (FB link in the Previous), which remains one of my favorites. She is one of the very few channels I watch immediately when a new video comes out.
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