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Grace Stone Coates (1931), "Wild Plums": "I knew about wild plums twice before I tasted any." Benjamin Rosenbaum (2001), "The Orange": "An orange ruled the world. It was an unexpected thing ..." Shing Yin Khor (2018), "Say It with Noodles": "I have forgotten how to speak two languages. But I have learned this one."
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this is just to say
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'Say It With Noodles' contained these lines that really struck at my core, right now, in the place and time I am inhabiting:

'Even as I learned how to speak with food, I ate the same thing for lunch every day. A packet of ramen. I justified it as a cheap meal, but that was not true. The truth was, I did not feel worthy of my own care.'

Thank you for posting.
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Those all sing in a different and beautiful way. Thank you.
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I can't get the first two links to open, but the third, I'm kind of in awe, yet also devastated. It's that moment when you learn that someone else has a similar way of looking at the world, and you're excited to learn you're not alone (food is love, and the labor of cooking is the expression of it), but then being crushed that someone else shares the same painful relationship with themselves and food (that you yourself aren't really worthy of the effort and love you give to others, so you eat instant crap you'd never serve others), and you feel bad to know that someone else out there suffers the same way you do.
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"If I can't love myself with nourishment, I can love myself with labor." What a true and devastating sentiment, along with the quote mdonley posted above — it's perfect. What a delight and I hope I can find more by this artist.

I skipped right to the third one and will go back and click through for the other gems. Thanks for sharing!
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Simply lovely -- thanks for these!
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