Nuclear War, India and Pakistan - a Tutorial.
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Nuclear War, India and Pakistan - a Tutorial. Blogging at its best! Fallout patterns, strategy, and more. Additional bonus: 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare).
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Countervailing confidence in deterrerence, from Newsweek editor (and Muslim Indian by birth) Fareed Zakaria. Granted, his confidence is not rock-solid, but he believes that without nukes the two nations would have gone to a hot war weeks ago. Instead, they have had opportunities for international advice and pressure that may yet lead to a comprehensive solution.

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The diplomatic isolation of Pakistan on the cross-border terrorism issue is nearly total, with even Islamabad abandoning the fiction that "nothing is happening on the LoC".

So, has India actually done what it set out to do, or is this coming back to bite us.

Thanks for the links, sheauga, was away, it's interesting how fast this flew off the radar here (as you mentioned in another thread), but I have noticed that to be quite consistent with the readership here, except for a few.
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dhartung, as usual, great link :)
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