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Third grade talent show, in front of the entire school. My buddy Adam played the game on a TV while I provided the beep boops. I was mercifully taken offstage after Adam completed world 1-1. But I tell you that in my eight-year-old noggin, it sounded like this!
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I love it. I would have driven my parents crazy with this track if it had been around when I was a kid.

Also, I was just thinking of what a great song "Jump Up, Super Star" is, and I don't even have a Switch. Yet.
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This is a precision-guided missile of genetically modified super virality. The internet is going to break. Holy shit they put so much work into that, and holy shit it was worth it.
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There are exactly two FPPs with the tag 'headband' and the other is a dead link flashnon-flash something from 2005. Metafilter, we can do better than this.
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In 0:15, he pushes the power button, but it clearly takes a second to turn red, so he hadn't actually gotten the game to boot yet. I know they probably turned the NES on way beforehand, and they filmed multiple takes for each level, but for a minute I had this vision of him spending like a dozen tries fiddling with the cartridge to get the game to actually turn on, while everyone in the orchestra sitting in this studio that he paid out the ass to rent is watching as he gets more embarrassed and frantic.

At least, that's what happens to me whenever I try to break out my NES when I have people over.
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Oh, wait, never mind. He wasn't actually controlling the gameplay, he was just reacting to a recording. Ugh, screw you, dude blowing into a cartridge and pretending to turn on an NES that clearly wasn't turned on! You make a mockery of our pain!
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As a firm believer in the maxim that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, this pushes ALL my buttons.
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Adam Neely's video with Charlie Rosen where they talk about the specific arrangements is worth watching as well.
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So out of the many, many wonderful things I love about this, the expressions at perilous or level-winning moments are what do it for me. When they made this, they weren't thinking go big or go home, more what's the biggest sound we can fit in people's heads? Yey for best of the web!
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best gig for a bassoonist ever
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today's spiritual lesson os to be happy with what I can do and not be jealous of this guy's massive talents
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This is so wonderful on so many levels. Wonderful music, wonderful arrangement, wonderful performance. I didn't know I needed this on a Wednesday morning. I love that there are still people out there making great music just because it's fun.
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So so good
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Charming! I notice the conductor is using the Wind Waker, which is a nice touch.
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Came for the Mario, stayed for the F-Zero - I mean check out that saxophone solo!
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Seriously, the F-Zero link is everything. So awesome!
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So there was a moment when he cleared level 1-1 when I thought maybe that was all there was and then I was so pleased that there was 5 minutes left in the video and I can't tell you when the last time that happened with an internet video (maybe because it's never happened)
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Here's a rock band doing a live soundtrack for Mega Man 2. I believe the person in this video is actually playing the game live.
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