Free Your Self
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The Chemical Brothers have a new song out, from last month. I finally found it not on a streaming service. The Chemical Brothers - Free Yourself. It's possible they have a new album coming out (their first since 2015). [EBW 12 is apparently imminent, Free Yourself is a direct descendent.]

They also have teased [strobing] four short videos for the new single.
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The vocal is the voice of the radical poet Diane Di Prima.
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I heard this on BBC Radio 6 recently without knowing it was the Chemical Brothers.

The vibe is exquisite and I look forward to thier new material.
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I just listened to this and thought how badly Big Beat has aged. It sounds like the signature tune for a rave-themed holiday camp for the over-50s that serves low-calorie lager lager lager.
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without knowing it was the Chemical Brothers

Although I knew it was them before listening, now that I've heard it, it really feels that it could only be by them and could probably have appeared on any of their last 5 albums. Generally speaking I love who they are and what they've done, but this just doesn't do anything for me.

If you're after something a bit different (to the Chemical Brothers at least) in the electronic world, then I highly recommend Daniel Avery's Song for Alpha album. It's astoundingly good.
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I would like more information about this rave camp. Is there a buffet?
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This particular track didn't do it for me like their previous one with Beth Orton did (and that one absolutely floored me) but I love that they're still making music and that they used Diane Di Prima's voice is so incredibly cool. Truth be told, my reactions to their music have always been one of 3 reactions: 1) I can't stand that, turn it off; 2) that's pretty good; 3) holy moly, that's one of the most compelling pieces of electronic music I've ever heard. I don't expect every track to fall into the latter category. In fact, I can only think of a handful that do. But yay, more Chemical Brothers!
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I would like more information about this rave camp. Is there a buffet?

I just need to know whether they'll shut down the music at a reasonable time and start up again after everybody's had a good night's sleep.
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Man, I really want to be excited about new Chemical Brothers, but the way the sample is used is so similar to What You Want that I can't help but compare it to What You Want, unfavorably.
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