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{randomly NSFW} Skibidi is the latest release by the Russian dance/rave/art/electro/satire Little Big. The band/collective have a reputation for their videos, which include the Disney-lawyer-baiting AK-47, Kim Jong Un tribute LollyBomb, the gangster culture Give me your money, to the retirement home Faradenza, the street life With Russia from love, the nightmare-inducing Hateful Love, and the unforgettable {definitely NSFW} piano-playing Big Dick.
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Ah, missed one (well, several, but some of the others were sensory overload). Polyushko Poyle is a quite beautiful one of professional national tourist board / Eurovision indent quality.
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So when are they touring with Die Antwoord?
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No Little Big retrospective is complete without Everyday I'm Drinking, which is a certifiable earworm.
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I like the videos a lot as performance art, especially "Give me your money", but the music doesn't really do much for me.
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Thank you for introducing me to Everyday I’m Drinking. It me!

“No future! No future!” It still me!
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Dear god, Benny Benassi and Yello had a baby.

Anyway, nice to see Kristen Johnston and Thomas Lennon getting work. Or is it Leah Remini and Robert Carlyle? Hard to tell.
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I've seen this video before.
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It probably won't take over the cha-cha slide at weddings any time soon but... I'm about 50/50? Maybe as low as 30/70 like/dislike with their songs. Some are just fantastic tunes, some are grating. Old Man Me is sort of perpetually amazed at the caliber of effects work available to, y'know, fairly small-time bands for what's gotta be low-return music videos. I mean compared to multimillion dollar movies with billion dollar box office returns.

On the other hand I guess the over the top outlandish videos are at least part of their appeal, so keep knocking them out, guys.
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The videos and imagery is awesome. The balloon tank in Hateful Love, the silly sex imagery in Big Dick. But the music is barely above chiptunes and 'badger badger mushroom' for me. It is astounding what small time artists can do with music videos - the gun imagery bests and production values equal shows with legit budgets who dabble in similar stuff like Robot Chicken and Family Guy.
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I've seen this video before

It also isn't that far removed from Bobby Van's "dance" in Take Me to Broadway, which was copied later by Peter Wolf in his Come as You Are video. But neither of those were, of course, quite as clever or uncanny as Skibidi.

The videos are great. More complex music likely wouldn't help their overall concept or effect very well since the simplicity and repetitiveness plays off against the images well, setting the tone and maintaining the focus on the whole. The songs by themselves would, to me, have much less appeal, but once they are attached to the videos, even just in memory, they work well.

That doesn't seem all that different from a lot of music now, where the videos, in a sense, "are" part of the music in how they are referenced. People don't tend to talk about This is America, for the music alone, but the music in conjunction with the video that gives it added depth of meaning. Little Big's music is even simpler than that, but the connection between song/visual has seemed to consistently gel for certain types of music for quite a while now, to where, in those instances, they aren't entirely separable in some significant ways.
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Chalk me up as another 'The music's shit but damn look at those videos.'

Several bits of the AK-47 video reminded my of Cyriak's work [previously], i.e. Cows, but with fewer hallucinogens and more vodka-soaked Eurovision.
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The dance was 50% Macarena. I loved the surprise puppet and the dancing clock.
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Correction: 25% Macarena.
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I'm reminded of Orgonite (previously), which are also Russian, and musically in sort of the same space.

Adibass is my favorite of their songs/videos
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tanzen zusammen with a big flashback to our rave days
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Finally watched the video, and I was not expecting a Miraculous Ladybug cameo at 0:25.

But one rarely has any idea what to expect from these guys.
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Came in to say "Oh, so, Cyriak meets Die Antwoord and runs of with PSY" but y'all got there way before.

Also: 1'42" - 🤣🤣
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I've seen this video before .
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Oh my god, that is incredible. It's still dark outside and my husband is trying to sleep and I can't stop laughing.

If I wanted to legally own the song Skibidi right now, is that possible? I'm not finding an album release but maybe I am looking in the wrong places.
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From the early 80's, Not The Nine O'Clock News sums up this thread's consensus.
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Micheal Portillo (among others) here, who was once seriously thought of as a future Prime Minister... why yes we have all gone mad due to Brexit, why do you ask?
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(And yes, that is Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream not joining in, the big misery)
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Micheal Portillo (among others) here, who was once seriously thought of as a future Prime Minister... why yes we have all gone mad due to Brexit, why do you ask?

This few minutes of British telly seems like something that takes place on the same timeline as the version of Weakest Link from Doctor Who where if you are the weakest link, a robot host disintegrates you with a laser.
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