The Peculiar Duplicity of Ari Fleischer
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The Peculiar Duplicity of Ari Fleischer "But what Fleischer does, for the most part, is not really spin. It's a system of disinformation--blunter, more aggressive, and, in its own way, more impressive than spin. Much of the time Fleischer does not engage with the logic of a question at all. He simply denies its premises--or refuses to answer it on the grounds that it conflicts with a Byzantine set of rules governing what questions he deems appropriate. Fleischer has broken new ground in the dark art of flackdom: Rather than respond tendentiously to questions, he negates them altogether."
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A post from before-
A lack of research perhaps?
Deletion awaits.
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Special at Fleischer's Pancake House.
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Someone doubled one of my posts! I haven't felt this important in a really long time. No, really.
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A round of pancakes for everyone. One helping of humble pie for me.

Is it ice cream day yet?
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And what makes this any different for *any* of the presidential spokesmen? The only difference I see in Fleischer and Lockhart is good ole' Joe looked like he was going to have a stroke and his head was going to explode when he was answering the tough ones. Fleischer seems to stay pretty calm.
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[homer] Forbidden Pancakes.....ooooooooh [/homer]

And now, the haiku:

Again with Ari
We can't get enough untruth
To him, lies are fact
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