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Dante Basco Discusses Becoming Rufio for Hook, the Character's Legacy, and So Much More [io9] We talked to Basco about how he got the role, the food fight, the amazing costume, Rufio’s legacy and so much more.
“I think it’s one of those things that, as you grow up, you’re able to appreciate aspects of your career and celebrate them with fans out there and understand and engage on social media. Like it’s nostalgic for me too so it’s kind of fun to capsulize a part of your life which, to me, was 15. Clearly, it means a lot to so many people and it’s something I’m proud of too, work-wise. Look, everyone who ever comes to Hollywood, you hope to do something that people will remember you for. We work on so many things and I continue to work today, not just as an actor but as a writer and a producer. But [certain roles] really kind of mean things to people. [Hook] has become, for a certain generation, a part of the vernacular.”
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This is my kind of nostalgia content!! Ru-fi-O!!!
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I really loved Hook. I've always loved the whole Peter Pan universe—I really wanted to run away and become a Lost Boy as a kid, and at one time I had fairly regular flying dreams, which felt vaguely in the realm of possibility for me because of that. I should rewatch it sometime.
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I would love a new rufio movie.
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Dante Basco also has a verse on Utkarsh Ambudkar’s Rufio single. (So does Lin-Manuel Miranda.)
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I rewatched Hook last night on Starz.

1. It holds up (and is also in the category of movies that are great for different reasons when you're an adult vs. a kid).

2. I slept well and had a good dream for the first time in a week (I'd had like a week's worth of anxiety dreams before that).

Thanks for this, Fizz.
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