John Gotti, the former head of New York's Gambino crime family, died in a prison hospital today at age 61.
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John Gotti, the former head of New York's Gambino crime family, died in a prison hospital today at age 61. He was serving a life sentence after 1992 convictions for racketeering and six killings. "Sammy Bull" Gravano must be breathing easier today.
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Inspiration for the worst Dylan song ever.
posted by maudlin at 12:21 PM on June 10, 2002

Whoops -- wrong guy, but that song still needs to be aired and scorned on a regular basis. Je regrette rien.
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Sam Gravano has no reason to breathe easier. He never had to be afraid of the man, John Gotti. He had to be afraid of John Gotti's people finding him and knocking on his door, i.e. the low-life scum criminals still walking the streets doing the mob's dirty work because they think this guy and others like him are some kind of heros.
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The creepiest part of that article is at the end, where it tells how the man who accidentally hit and killed Gotti's son, who was riding a minibike, was abducted and never seen again. And no charges were ever filed.
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That's not so peculiar, mecran01. Happens all the time.

It'd be a shame if you were to, you know, get hurt telling people about it, don't you think?

What's your exact street address and telephone number again, mecran01?
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you're talking about this song, man, "King of New York"
But leave Bob alone...
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Funny how the real gangsters have little in common with Coppola's portrayal of gangsters. These guys are heartless scum, not honorable family-centric criminals. Not that I have any problems with Coppola's work, but with people who can't tell the difference between fiction and reality.

That just came out of nowhere didn't it?
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That's kinda why I always preffered Scorsese's gangster movies, Skallas, his flicks portrays them as heartless scum while still being entertaining as hell.
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i'm glad john gotti's dead, he was a scum bag.
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So a dirty rat dies in a cage. Why are we supposed to consider this "news," much less care? Back to the Sopranos, everyone.
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Um, anyway...

Actualy, a guy prosicuters say was in charge of the gambino crime family was arested the other day. CNN had this 'mob expert' on, who claimed that the mobbing days are over.
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Hey matteo, thanks for the correct song info. But I can't leave Bob alone on this one. I was a huge Dylan freak in 75 when Desire came out, and I still hold a lot of the man's work as some of the best out there, but that love song to Joey Gallo was an embarrassment. I think Lester Bangs tore Dylan a new one in Creem early in 76 over the album and that song in particular and I was still enough of a fan to write a passionate rebuttal during math class (confiscated by the teacher and never posted, thank goodness, because Bangs was right).
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yesh. john gotti is a scumbag. and oj is innocent.
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