“Mothers, moreover, were the typical organizers of rent strikes.”
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“Starting from scattered clues left by Marx and his successors, above all Rosa Luxemburg, this essay outlines a theory of class formation and socialist hegemony in consonance with the historical, revolutionary experience of the working class’s actual lives and ideas. The basic thesis is that “agency” in the last instance is conditioned by the development of the productive forces but activated by the convergence (or “overdeterminations”) of political, economic, and cultural struggles.” Old Gods, New Enigmas: as production becomes more abstract and society more alienated, what can we learn about building class consciousness from the movements of the past? (Catalyst)
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This essay was expanded significantly for his new book of the same title (q.v. the typo in this post).

I summarized his theses in a blog post when the book came out.
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[Fixed the typo.]
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Rosa Luxemburg's writing are tremendous. She has inspired me so much in the past 6 months.

www.rosalux.de is my political jam.
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