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HUNGRY HUNGRY HERSCHEL i support him and his ecosystem-destroying gluttony
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My brother operates a solo salmon-fishing boat in Sitka, Alaska. The mix of a protected animal that can rapidly strip a line of all the fish, and survivalist-type fishermen with semi-automated weapons, gives rise to many strong feelings and poignant, whispered, anecdotes.

The fishermen resent the protected status, which was granted because the sea lion population was seen to be declining (in the Sitka Bay). The native fishermen claim that the sea lions have always migrated from one bay to another, and that the missing sea lions can be found in other less-traveled bays nearby.

What happens out on the water stays out on the water, but near the harbor a lot of monitoring of licenses and catches happens, with boats and drones, and sea lion related offenses have serious consequences.

So, too near the harbor to get away with anything, this friend of my brother's watches a giant sea lion strip his whole line, and kind of shrugs it off, prepares to outrun the thing and try again. But the sea lion jumps up on the back of the boat and starts grabbing the fish already in the boat's hold. The fisherman had enough, and shot the sea lion. But this giant thing fell into the cramped hold, and the boat cannot return to harbor without a hold inspection.

So a kind of Goodfellas predicament unfolds, requiring the fisherman to climb down into the hold and butcher the sea lion into small pieces. There is no shortage of these kinds of stories exchanged on the docks.
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