Kaitlin Prest: "I didn’t take that feedback"
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Take some time to explore the work of Kaitlin Prest. Her newest podcast, The Shadows, was just released. You can also hear Prest's work on RadioLab's recent series In the No on the topic of consent. Part II is here. Part III to come. Prest's whole "No" series is here.

Title of the post comes from this interview.

On the Shadow's Vulture says, 'Taking place over six episodes, The Shadows is charming, occasionally funny, and uncannily believable. The podcast presents these characters on their own terms, warts and all"

Prest is a founder of the award winning podcast The Heart. The award winning ones include:
Mariya, "A story about Mariya's journey to figure out sex after FGM."
Movies in Your Head, "How does one's sense of reality fail when falling in love? Months of research and 17 interviews later, a single narrative emerged."
Last, "This episode is a peek into the power of a kiss, and the rise and fall of what could have been true love."

Take a walk through Kaitlin Prest's earlier work (rebroadcast on The Heart), AudioSmut.

Finally, since The Shadows is about puppeteers, take a detour and check out the Center for Puppetry Arts. Here's their space on Vimeo.
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I just listened to the two Radiolabs yesterday and WOW thoughts and feelings. Immediately downloaded the rest of the No series, as well as a run called Pansy about men on the feminine side of the spectrum.

I don't really want to make this all about No — it would end up being a discussion about consent and sexual assault and not really about her great work, I think — but also am aching to talk about it. Because it was so great!

Thanks for the post. Lots more to dig into here.
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