The Fabulous Fenella
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Fenella Fielding OBE died last month at the age of 90. It's one of the mysteries of British life that Fenella Fielding, whose wit and distinctive stage presence captivated figures such as Kenneth Tynan, Noël Coward and Federico Fellini, should have drifted into obscurity rather than being celebrated as a national treasure. Last year, in an interview with The Guardian, her lipstick was still blood red, her hair dark brown, and her voice unchanged: plummy, breathy, sexy, every word perfectly enunciated.

Bonus footage: Fenella reads from her memoirs at the Unity Theater in Liverpool in 2017.
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Although widely remembered for Carry on Screaming, I remember her as The Blue Voice in Dougal and the Blue Cat and the Village announcer in The Prisoner.

Also, as I mentioned elsewhere on the interwebs when she died (and apologies if this is too weird and creepy), it's possible the most erotic sound in the world might be Fenella Fielding and Joan Greenwood conversing about pretty much anything. Or maybe that's just me. Probably just me.

Anyway, when I was very young, and she would turn up on the telly occasionally, she was one of those people whose presence sort of pointed in the general direction of a more interesting world out there, somewhere.
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for someone who knew exactly what she was doing
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