Farm Crime
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Farm Crime is a true crime documentary series about offences in the world of farming and agriculture. posted by RobotHero (18 comments total) 17 users marked this as a favorite
This content is not available outside of Canada.
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Oh, I didn't realize it was region locked. Maybe a poor choice for FPP then?
posted by RobotHero at 10:28 AM on October 23, 2018

Oh, I didn't realize it was region locked. Maybe a poor choice for FPP then?

Or maybe the Americans can know how it feels for once
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Guac Cops
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(The episodes do at least have descriptions that can be read from outside Canada, so maybe we can leave this for the time being.)
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The Blueberry Bandit one made a good point about how these crimes are depicted in popular media - a trailer of blueberries being stolen seems silly, but it was $100k of product, and the theft almost put the farmer under.
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Yeah, 50 cows is a lot of money.
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The good thing about this kind of reality TV is that it's sheep to produce.
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I love reading about farm crime; one of the most interesting varieties from my citified view is people stealing patented seeds.
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Corn Warriors: CW207 - Casualties of Corn

(not actually about crimes or wars involving corn, it's just a farming-equipment-manufacturer-sponsored reality show about farmers competing to grow the best corn)
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I got sooooo excited about this before seeing it wasn't available for me to watch. Maybe one day?
posted by fiercecupcake at 2:47 PM on October 23, 2018

From a while back...the story behind At Close Range (1986): "Johnston started small, breaking into stores and siphoning gas from tractors in the area. He served time in a juvenile detention facility, then later two stints in prison for larceny, between 1960 and 1966.

"When Johnston was released from prison, he and two of his brothers, David and Norman, set up a criminal enterprise around Chester County, Pennsylvania. The gang of thieves initially stole cars, then switched focus to farm machinery, there being no shortage of tractors and other equipment due to the rural area where the gang lived."

And we are still talking about bee rustlers!

Honor boxes at farm stands are still a thing, even though not everyone is honorable...
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I must assume that the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist will be covered in a future episode.
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Thanks for posting this. Bee 'rustling' is no joke - in NZ we have a newish bee disease called varroa and hive stealing makes tracking and controlling the disease (and any other bee-borne diseases) very hard.

Cattle and sheep rustling (or simply butchering in the field) is becoming increasingly common here too.

At this scale at least in NZ it's organised crime, involving truck drivers and many others and extending to changing animal ID tags. It's also quite hard to hide/kill and process 500 cows without some level of official corruption IMO.

And yes our media too can't resist punning and wordplay but these are farmer's livelihood (and lives) at stake.
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"sheep to produce?"

Let's not stereotype shepherds as thieves. Even if they do tend to come a-acroft as individuals familiar with crooks.
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Stolen Farm Equipment.
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The Mr and I visited Japan four years ago, and one evening near the end of our trip, we stayed in the hotel and watched a lot of Japanese TV. One show we found was the Japanese version of COPS, and the episode we watched featured such depravities of crime as (I think-we don't understand Japanese) pulling someone over to discover a kitchen knife locked in the trunk of their car, busting a knockoff underwear manufacturing ring, and the story they teased through the entire show, the discovery of a human skull in a field...which turned out to have been washed down the hill from an old graveyard during a typhoon.

The final case the cops busted was a gentleman who got pulled over with a selection of ears of corn and a few other vegetables on his front passenger seat. After a quick interrogation, he led the officers to the scene of the crime, the field from which he stole the corn.

We now think of Japan as the land of dastardly vegetable rustlers.
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