"...trying to visualise the Platonic realm of form underlying reality"
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... a hypnotic audio-visual mind-warp recently released by musician Max Cooper (previously on the blue: one, two) and artist/filmaker Páraic Mc Gloughlin. (No mention of a photosensitive epilepsy warning on the page, but maybe there should be?)
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Somebody has to drink three beers, and live next door to Fantasy Fest neighbors who apparently imported the dankest weed ever invented , to fully appreciate just how very nice that was. Even the cat watched and listened to it from beginning to end. Thank you.
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Max Cooper has a number of good recent videos; I especially like Rule 110 (with visuals by Raven Kwok, an artist who does a lot of interesting generative/procedural stuff).
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Holy shit do I love me some of that!
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