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Modern times got you stressed out? Dogs pick up on that sort of thing! Give your dog the gift of relaxing dog music.
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The first one I tried had bird sounds, which immediately woke up my dog :)
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Whoops! Which one has birds?

I've been playing this music all day for the dogs I'm sitting. Their humans left a bottle of chamomile-melatonin treats, fully expecting us to need to use them on a regular "as-needed" basis for dog calming. The treats have not been needed at all.

One of the dogs is literally snoring. My partner wasn't a believer, so I paused the music for a few seconds. One of the dogs briefly whimpered or whined, like "heyYYY put it back!" and the other dog's eyes went from droopy to fully open. Then back to droopy when I put the music back on. Partner now believes.

Once, the video ended, and one of them started chewing on a paw. I then realized the music had ended. Put more music on, paw chewing ceased pretty abruptly. This music is nearly instantaneous in chilling these two anxious dogs. Current listening
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The beginning of this one has some chirps.
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Relaxing Dog is my favorite yoga pose.
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HEHEHE I just played one that starts with birds and it totally woke the younger dog up to sit up and stare out the window. Really cute. 30 seconds or so into a different track, he's flopped back down again.
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Maybe the birds are good for when the dog is starting out hyper. Gets their attention.
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...and of course, there's relax my cat music too.
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Been Caught Stealin' - Jane's Addiction when it's time to go for a walkabout?
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This is awesome - our recent move and all the boxes and changes has our pug stressed. I will try this tonight!
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Who decided that dogs love the piano?
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I'm right now in a musical passage that sounds like the beginning of Moby's Porcelain but much much slooooooooooooooooooooooooooower.
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My dog usually sleeps the day away in his traditional curled-up "cinnamon roll" position. I started the dog music playlist in which multiple cows are featured on-screen. They're just... being cows. They don't move much; in fact, for a while I though they were just still images but apparently not.

He has not looked away ONCE. He is RIVETED. And I think I just heard him growl?!? Clearly something is going on in that little canine head.

Pretty sure this is the most interesting thing that is going to happen to me all day and I am here for it.
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