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“Plotting a new path forward in accordance with left values requires left foreign policy leaders to reject the stance of restrained, technocratic stewardship that defines the self-image of the existing national security state. Instead, left leaders must make explicit how the values that inform their domestic platforms can express themselves in the United States’ actions on the world stage. Extending those values outward is a way to reorient the state, to lessen its power for harm, and to urgently answer the call for international cooperation on issues from combating climate change to arms control.” Five Principles Of A New Left Foreign Policy submitted by Ro Khanna– Congressman representing California’s 17th District. Kate Kizer – Policy director at Win Without War. Patrick Iber – Assistant professor of history at University of Wisconsin-Madison (Fellow Traveller previously)
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this is the kind of overton window i'd love to see slammed open and shut repeatedly everywhere, instead of the noise that constitutes public discourse around state actions.

unfortunately this would have been a helluva Overton window in the Carter admin, much less the Obama for now.......

it's almost too painful to read this stuff in light of where the world is, rather than should be
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Good. Not sure about his actual political work/voting record but I’m impressed with a lot of the stuff Ro Khanna puts out - he‘s worth following. A lot of on-point, straightforward progressive messaging based on data instead of feels. (If that‘s your kind of thing.)
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