Captivating, calming competition: it's the 2018 Winter MarbleLympics!
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The Jelle'sMarbleRuns wiki is home to all things Jelle'sMarbleRuns. Here you will find information about the Sand Marble Rally, Hubelino Tournament, and most notably, the MarbleLympics. Jelle Bakker, the Marble Master, isn't new around these parts (Big Marble Run Machine: 11 000 Marbles!!! | Longest sand marble run ever | Sand Marble Rally - 33 competitors! | Betting on Balls of Chaos) but if you haven't seen his 2018 Winter MarbleLympics, take some time to enjoy the well-produced Olympics-style games, featuring unique teams and a calming commentator throughout. The Wikia page for the 2018 Winter games makes it feel all the more official, complete with International Marblelympic Committee.
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If you wanted to know a bit more about the marble master, here's a short article on Jelle Bakker.

And if you wanted a spookier marble run, here's 🎃Halloween Marble Race 2018 🎃

There are two more forthcoming races as part of Marble Mayhem 2, including a Halloween Special on Oct. 31, 2018.
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The videos have such a unique and powerful combination of cute, cozy, and campy. Perfect for lazy weekend procrastination.
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I first found out about this channel through metafilter. Jelle’s marble races are the greatest things—they’re so fun to put on at parties and watch kids, parents, and grandparents get super into which marble will win! Truly the best of the web.
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The ultimate in crouton petting.
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I had an Olympics party (really just making popcorn and having people over to watch the Olympics in my living room a few times) and my friend interrupted regular Olympics programming and all the nonsense filler with the MarbleLympics. We got into it. No one was mad.
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I'm barely past the qualifiers and I already have a favourite AND least favourite team. This is ridiculous.
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I feel sorry for the marbles that have particularly bad luck.
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Raspberry Racers for life!
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Love this
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Turns out that despite lacking interest in many actual sporting events, I will happily sit and watch marbles compete at almost anything.

The physical and narrative work taken to put this all together has to be extraordinary, but I especially love the reaction shots of...groups of marbles, just sitting there.
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The 11,000-marble run was both captivating and soothing. It helped me finally fall asleep after a couple hours of insomnia. Thank you!
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Midnight Wisps Rule! Savage Speeders Drool!
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My kids, ages 7 and 11, adore the MarbleLympics and invariably are jumping up and down cheering their favorites on when watching. (And I kinda like them a lot, too.)
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A quick note for anyone reading this thread now: Jelle's YouTube channel got deleted by mistake, so all the video links above no longer work as of now (unless, in the future, the channel is miraculously undeleted!). Jelle's set up a new channel here and is in the process of uploading all the old videos again.
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