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Boy Scouts in a war zone: There are more boy scouts than peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. Even in the midst of a civil war, the scouts are arguably more effective.
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This is exactly the reason the organization was started: Baden-Powell thought teaching youths to work together would inspire a peace movement. I’m frankly amazed at this story. Thanks for posting.
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Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.
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I hope that they can eventually feel free to embrace the culture and religions wiped out using scouts and other methods- and harness this organization (or build something else) that is truly empowering. I'm glad it's doing something good despite a complicated legacy, both past and present, of colonialism and religious bigotry.
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This is great! I love a good finding-alternatives-to-violence story.
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Excellent. I do so enjoy good journalism from outside the so called 1st world.
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