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I was hoping this was some sort of Buffalo buffalo buffalo post, but the reality is even better.
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I hadn't seen some of these before. thanks!
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At first glance I thought this was an eponysterical post by bc.
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I found my dad's old HP-65 in the garage and snuck it into elementary school. Since it needed AC power, I also brought one of those lamp extension cords and had it in my desk. I still remember how weirded out the teacher was when I suddenly produced that cord from my desk to use on the media cart that had come up from the library.

"I brought it from home; it's for my calculator!"
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HP48SX for the win!
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But how many are RPN? Cause that's the real number of calculators.
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But how many are RPN? Cause that's the real number of calculators.

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Slide Rules
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Mechanical calculators
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I was given a Sharp 360 recently. It has big glowing nixie tubes. I can make it do square roots, but that's about it. It's not RPN, but it's not any other system I've used before.

But yeah: RPN, or it's a toy.
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Nice! Thanks for this. Many of the pages are satisfyingly old school as well (frames! etc.).
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Really? I had a Little Professor when I was a kid and my ancient memories are insisting that there was a switch for changing it from game mode to calculator mode.
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Pocket computers
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I have one of these. It's one of my favorite objects I own. Here's an article by Clifford Stoll(PDF) about it.

ETA: It's a Curta mechanical calculator, in case you don't want to click through
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I was hoping this was some sort of Buffalo buffalo buffalo post

Even weirder, I immediately expected Steve Ballmer. About whom, to get on topic, I feel pretty sure was an HP 12c guy in his day.
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The Abacus: A Brief History, featuring the Digicus, a hybrid abacus + calculator from Japan.

And let us not forget the mechanical Difference and Analytical Engines designed by Charles Babbage, and the modern working incarnation of his Difference Engine No.2 (in operation).
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Oh, man... I had an opportunity to buy a Curta in the late 90s for around $200, and didn't take it — been kicking myself for it ever since. I should have known that anything I'd find that cool, other people would doubtless also find cool, and now the damn things run upwards of a thousand bucks.

I do have a neat old K+E slide rule, though, a 10" Deci-Lon, professionally engraved with the name of the original (now long deceased, sadly) owner on one edge. It even has a sort of scabbard that you could attach to your belt. Occasionally I pull it out and use it, because there is a certain sort of engineer you can drive halfway to complete apoplexy by using a slide rule when sitting in front of a computer, and I enjoy that sort of thing.
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I'm similarly Curta-iled, Kadin2048. I blame Gibson's Pattern Recognition for the price jump.

I've held one, once …
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Is there a law that old calculator websites have to be written in the html that was available at the time the old calculator was originally built?
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Anything spent on the website is money not spent on calculators
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I didn't have a K&E, but I got a cheap Sterling with LL scales when I was about 12. I had no idea what to do with most of it for a while, but by the time I was taking electronics in college, it was just the thing, and way cheaper than the K&E's my classmates had to get. Still works.
I got a Radio Shack version of the TI-57 in 1978, which had just enough juice to get some real work done. That one does not currently work, but I have been considering modifying it if I can get it powered up.
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There are, I believe, two versions of the TI Little Professor. I can't remember if either one of them had a straightforward calculator mode, but I do know that one had sliding switches on the side of the case, and the other didn't. I assume they were removed either for cost or reliability reasons. The one with the slide switches is the only one I ever saw "in the wild".

FWIW, I didn't have a Little Professor, but I did have a VTech Lesson One, which was sort of in the same vein and perhaps the world's most frustrating putatively-educational device. It's pretty much the same idea as the Little Professor, but also lets you know just how bad you are at spelling!

One thing I always thought was charming about the Little Professor was the inclusion of a lanyard / wrist-strap loop, as though that was going to stop a frustrated kid from hurling the thing across the room.
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