Frank Stahl: An Interesting and Diverse Life on the Prairie
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Francis Marion (Frank*) Stahl was born in Ohio [on 23 May 1841] and moved to Kansas in 1857. He rode the Santa Fe trail twice, prospected in Colorado, fought in the Civil War, served as chief of police in Topeka, and was a leader in the Kansas temperance movement. (Click here for a short bio.) The materials [here] are in his own words. Also included is information on his family history and original documents that chronicle his life. Enjoy seeing a bit of his world through his eyes.

* Not to be confused with Franklin (Frank) William Stahl, the American molecular biologist and geneticist. With Matthew Meselson, Stahl conducted the famous Meselson-Stahl experiment showing that DNA is replicated by a semiconservative mechanism, meaning that each strand of the DNA serves as a template for production of a new strand.
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Found when looking for prairie diaries for the AskMe question by Cusp for Where to quickly learn hopes/setbacks of people in tiny 1890s village?
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Tuesday, February 2nd, 1869 - Cloudy this morning. Wind from the North. Snow fell two inches deep last night. Quite warm last night and today. Went a'coon hunting today and caught nothing. Done nothing today but help feed the cattle. Alum and saltpeter - 35 cts.
This reads not unlike my great-grandmother's farm diary from nearly a hundred years later. I could get lost in here for days - thanks, filthy!
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