Classically Trained Pianist Helps Soothe Elephants
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"They say an elephant never forgets, and those at Elephants World in Thailand will certainly never forget Paul Barton. Barton is the man who introduced these elephants to classical music." "Barton is a classical pianist who has shared his talents with some very big audiences — literally big. He spends a lot of his time performing for elephants. Barton shares his experiences with these giant creatures in vlogs on his YouTube channel and on Facebook, and his videos have gone viral."
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Wow! Thank you for posting. Very moving. My heart is aching thinking about the elephants, especially the blind ones.I am so glad it appears as if the playing has had a positive and soothing affect.
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Goddam it. If I could perform Pachibell's Canon before a herd of elephants, I would consider my life well-spent.
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non-ivory keys, I hope
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This makes my heart smile. I needed this. Thank you for posting.
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More on youtube
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Can I please play What's Up Pussycat to a baby elephant and its mother? Wonderful!
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Why is this making me cry!

I love elephants, and I love people performing music for animals" and I love this. Thank you.
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Peter the elephant dancing as he plays along is just about the best thing I've ever seen
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… the visitor was moved to tears as she watched the delicacy and skill with which the great bull elephant played Bach's Fugue in G Minor. "That's amazing," she said softly, as she approached the creature, "but surely it's not the sort of thing most people would have wished for?"

"Yes," his host replied, "unfortunately the genie was rather deaf, and he must have misheard me. Anyway, that's how I ended up with a great big pianist that attracts women".
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