Bingo the Otter
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【DIY】Plastic bottle shower for otter bingo - An admirable mix of DIY, bathtime fun, and an otter (Bingo).
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Bonus Bingo: this one with the water slide is quite good, particularly when the ice cubes are added. I'm not sure why they have an otter in what appears to be a domestic setting.
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Why is this animal being tortured? There is absolutely no reason for the human not to sit there with a spray gun hooked up to a faucet for hours and hours, day after day. All it wants is more water. How much? More. As humans, it's incumbent upon all of us to help ensure this happens.

And can I have an otter? What if I move to Japan? Or anywhere else? Does Purina make Otter Chow? Do they know their names? Do they cuddle in front of the TV?
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Our cat is about the same size and colour. I could take her into the shower with me! Yeah. That's the ticket.
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Otters in the wild will have territories up to 20 kilometres of river, so keeping one in a domestic situation just seems cruel.

Then again, keeping humans in apartments also seems cruel.
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I have a Maine Coon kitty, and I have water bottles, and I have drill bits of varying sizes, and I now have plans for my weekend.
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Otto is a squeaky bitey wrecking ball.
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I’m with rhizome, and think a small recirculating pump is called for here. Why should Bingo be forced to go chasing waterfalls when he/she could be enjoying a constant drizzle of happiness?
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Exactly. Bingo should just stick to the rivers and the lakes he’s used to.
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At about 2 minutes in, and again at about 3:30, Bingo sneezes!

(Public service announcement)
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Bingo has zero chill. I am Bingo.
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I have no idea how these people got an otter wedged into their apartment, or why.
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This video covered all the parts I already know (how to put holes in plastic bottles) and none of the parts I need (how to get an otter). I’m curious also what it is that Bingo wants, there’s an obvious state they are trying to achieve, is it for a water drop to go in their ear? Looks like.
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For when you ought'er water yer otter
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Were I to suddenly acquire a pet otter, instantly all my reserves of money and time would be spent on redoing my whole home and life around it, and that would still be not enough to give it the life it should have. It's a river otter. It needs a goddamn RIVER, not a bottle with holes punched in it.
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What this video doesn't show you is the little bastard shitting all over your boat, leaving turds that smell worse than the Devil's tonsil stones.
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I’m often torn in the debate about whether animals are just better off in the wild. Don’t get me wrong: it’s clearly better to have more freedom of space than less, and to be able to feel the wind in your fur, the grass under your paws, the sun on your face, and a river to swim in.

And yet...

And yet I then think that an otter in the wild has to work, work, work every day of its life for sustenance, until the day it dies. And maybe the reason it has such a large range is because it has to, in order to find adequate food. And how it’s constantly at threat from predation and injury.

So I think that, if I were an otter, that no...I definitely wouldn’t want to be cooped up in an apartment with a tiny tub to splash in, and a measly water bottle spritzing when my human was in a playful mood.

But...a large back yard, maybe with an acre or two to roam, and a flowing, fish-stocked brook/pond, maybe with a waterfall, constructed and maintained by humans that kept me safe, cleaned up after me, and offered me treats and tummy rubs and such...well, that might not be so bad, really.
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rhizome: Does Purina make Otter Chow?

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An aside - Yeah we've seen sea otters during a trip to Monterey CA (in the bay, and in their excellent aquarium) , but it was only this year that we actually saw 3 wild otters in eastern Ontario (Mazinaw Lake). So cool.
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Spoilers/warning Very SAD ending. Worth turning off before it ends, also there is whale hunting- end Spoilers

Ring of Bright Water is a bit like this- a man sees an otter in a pet shop, but then realises that a London apartment isn't the best home for an otter, so he moves to Scotland.
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