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@PopularPups is a Twitter feed of puppy pictures and GIFs. (I know!) The other day they asked followers to post cute pet pics. They're mostly dogs, with the occasional cat or pig.
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Thanks, Johnny Wallflower, for always bringing the doggy smiles. I got way deep into the first Twitter thread, but Rufus helping Jet learn to sit really killed me!
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*wary of any Halloween-themed lists remaining, defiantly, in Johnny Wallflower's publishing schedule, he closes one eye but clicks the first link anyw...
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Clicked on one of the links in the twitter thread, which took me to the Dodo twitter, and I stumbled on this adorable story about a guy adopting a bunny.

I also love the video of the "twins" Dalmatian and horse (Appaloosa I'm guessing?) running around together.

So much cuteness! Thanks for sharing!
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