protect your throat, and strike repeatedly at the head of the attacker,
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Cockroaches deliver karate kicks to avoid being turned into “zombies” [YouTube] “"The cockroach has a suite of behaviors it can deploy to fend off the zombie makers," says Catania. "This starts out with what I call the en garde position, like in fencing." It's also known as "stilt standing." From that position, the roach can track an approaching wasp with its antenna and elevate its body, the better to aim a swift, hard kick at the wasp's head and body. The roach uses its leg almost like a baseball bat. If it puts up enough of a fight, "The wasp usually figures out there's a smaller and less-defensive cockroach out there to be had," he says.” [via: Ars Technica]
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Awesome post about zombification in nature; reminds me of the controversial Wade Davis book The Serpent and the Rainbow, although that is ethnobotanical zombification.

Also, congratulations on your 1500th Metafilter post, fizz. ❤️
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at your head, at your head
at your head, they are kicking
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This so much easier when you have six legs...
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Where can I get a few dozen of these wasps? People in New York need these wasps.
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Wasp vs cockroach is one of those fights where it's hard to know who to root for.
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I've been rooting for the cockroach since noticing that the wasp was wearing a little MAGA hat.
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nature is gross
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That's a little bit frightening. I hope the cockroach has expert timing.
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Yo, you best protect ya neck!
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Wasps who want to zombify you,
Give them a boot to the head.
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Little cockroach brains
are safer for the wielding
of back leg Lucille.
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I always root for the human-adjacent species. Rat, cockroach, pigeon; they have learned and adapted and become part of the broader human biosphere. Where we go, we go together, from now until the end of time.
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We share our houses
with the species we root for;
hooray for bedbugs!
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