Fanciful musings on the backstory of Cohen's 'Suzanne'
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With a playful twist, this piece imagines the scenario that developed to produce one of Leonard Cohen's earliest hit songs.

Montreal, in the 1960s. "It's a tale of love and loss, and what comes after. Poetry plays a part. Not all the characters are beautiful... My job is to encourage hesitant lovers to take the risk." Romance aside, a wonderfully creative perspective.
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That was delicious.

Thank you.
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I guess I prefer it when the NYT publishes bad fanfic about Leonard Cohen instead of about sad coal miners, but I'm still recovering from accidentally clicking on the video.
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I heard this third hand and have told it here before. Colleague had a female friend, who ended up in a one night stand with him, some time way back in the 60s.

She awakens to see him putting on his clothes quietly, predawn.

"You don't have to leave," she beckons.

"Poet, gotta go."
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and here I thought it was about heroin.
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In the fall of 1967 I lived down the block from Our Lady of the Harbor, in an ancient and very cold building on the southwest corner of Notre Dame and Bon Secours. We got a copy of his album when it came out and it spoke to us, for us. If I ever met him, I didn't know who he was.
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Even more embarrassing than the trembling tweeness of this piece is the fact that the writer is totally ignorant of his subject. "Unknown even by poets’ standards"/"unhandsome poet" – these are straight-up lies ffs.
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This 1965 (i.e. before the songs) documentary about the young poet disproves both these falsehoods: Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen.
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What an amazing documentary!

„He isn‘t primarily a stand up comic...“
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