One Does the Work, One Wishes It To Be Seen and Used
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GREEN’S DICTIONARY OF SLANG TO GO FREE -- In an ideal or perhaps older world, the work might have gained institutional backing, the usual means being a publisher. But I have come long since to accept that no publisher, even including the one who (reluctantly, as they made clear) put out the print edition in 2010, feels that the work is of value or worth. No matter; death will see me off, dismissal will not. I have no choice but to continue alone and in so doing, what truly matters is visibility. Jonathon Green's Dictionary previously
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Oh nice, I was going to post about this a couple of weeks ago and completely spaced out! And now it's live! Green's is the bee’s knees n. also bullock’s bollocks, cuckoo’s chin, duck’s nuts, etc. Also previously, active on Twitter as MisterSlang, or perhaps you prefer a book.

The citation timelines are quite nice.
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Nice one. cunny funt typo
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Such a nice resource! I feel bad his commercial plans didn't work out, it must be a very hard thing to decide to make a labor like this available for free because of fear it will otherwise disappear entirely.

Also because I have the mind of a 10 year old, I immediately looked up the oldest citation for slang for penis. If I got the advanced search right it's pillicock. "Ye ne may no more of love done, Mi pilkoc pisseth on mi schone".

I also learned a fun new (to me) word: swive.
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