Public-Interest Technology Resources
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A new resource list curated by Bruce Schneier. As technology—especially computer, information, and Internet technology—permeates all aspects of our society, people who understand that technology need to be part of public-policy discussions. We need technologists who work in the public interest. We need public-interest technologists. From NGOs and academic departments to programs and fellowships, what resources are there out there for those aiming to work on technology with an eye towards the public interest?
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Thanks for this. I've been wondering if there were a side gig or other options I could pursue that were more in the public good. The Foundational Docs will be an interesting read.
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What a great list. This work is really important, so that ethics and public good are brought forward amidst the rapid pace of change, addressing questions that we never had to ask before. The IEEE also has an excellent initiative around ethics and AI called Ethically Aligned Design.
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