Who bombed Judi Bari?
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Who bombed Judi Bari? We'll likely never know because of FBI bungling. Pursue and blame the victim to stifle activist speech. So is this a running theme at the FBI?
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The 4.4 million dollar settlement is very promising, though! Especially in our current politcal climate.
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What with this and the recent revelations of Raygun and the UC prez, I would say YES, it is a running theme of the FBI. If you're on the "wrong" side of a social issue you're likely to be a target. Especially if you dis' Asscroft or Dubya or pRez Cheney these days.
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Especially if you dis' Asscroft or Dubya or pRez Cheney these days.

Do you know of a recent case where someone has been illegally targeted by the FBI for criticising the current administration? The Bari case is the most recent confirmed case I'm aware of.
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The FBI fought the release of the UC/Reagan papers for 17 years. It took years to get the Bari case to court so I guess if you wait another decade you'll might find out about current F.B.I misdeeds.
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Recent case: We have the Secret Service investigating interior decor. That's right, a poster on the wall of your residence results in a visit from the Secret Service.
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saw this buried in the wsj, sort of disturbingly by an article about the administration's new first strike strategy.
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