“We Can’t Save Everyone”
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The Hopeless Mission Of The Only Ship Still Rescuing Refugees: Can the Aquarius continue saving people from drowning in the Mediterranean?

THE CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN — “Leave the area immediately now,” the voice from the coast guard vessel al-Khifa said again. “I am the authority here. Leave the area immediately now.”

It was 4 a.m. when the threat to the Aquarius, rocking in international waters around 30 miles from Libya, came over the radio.

Not visible was a tiny wooden boat, crowded with the people the NGO ship was attempting to rescue. They had fled from Zuwara, Libya, the night before, wading out to the vessel they hoped would take them away from danger and into Europe. Now these men, women, and children (and one dog) had been unwittingly caught in a standoff between the Libyan coast guard and an international refugee search and rescue boat.

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It´s not just The Aquarius which is being hindered.
Hungary last June: On World Refugee Day, Hungary Makes It Illegal to Help Refugees and Migrants.
Greece: 23-year-old, who saved 18 refugees in 2015 by swimming their waterlogged dingy to the shores of Lesbos with her Olympian sister, is accused of people smuggling, espionage and membership of a criminal organisation – crimes allegedly committed since returning to work with an NGO on the island.
Italy: Pro-refugee Italian mayor arrested for 'aiding illegal migration'. Domenico Lucano, mayor of Riace, is praised by locals and migrant rights campaigners.
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This is such a terrible nightmare.
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And the obvious thing, trying to improve conditions in the countries producing refugees without it being an excuse for military exercises or profit-grabbing by domestic rentiers, seems unthinkable. Or, at least, way less thinkable than “let them drown.”
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You can follow them on Twitter at @MSF_Sea
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I just feel like the post WWII agreements have disappeared, and with them an agreement to think of ourselves as human.
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I didn't know Migrant Offshore Aid Station had stopped Mediterranean missions. Still doing good work, however.
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I remember when we used to treat refugees as if people mattered.
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Migrants who allegedly suffer savage beatings by state officials call it ‘the game’. But as shocking evidence suggests, attempting to cross the Bosnia-Croatia border is far from mere sport
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I just feel like the post WWII agreements have disappeared, and with them an agreement to think of ourselves as human.

same, it feels like an alarming number of people today in 2018 look at the thought of not committing heinous crimes against humanity as something silly and antiquated like the 4 humours theory of medicine.
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Italian authorities order the siezure of the Aquarius and freezing of MSF assets.

Reason: supposed illegal waste dumping at Italian ports.
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This is so much bullshit from the Italian neo fascists.
Prosecutors allege garments on Aquarius should have been labelled as ‘toxic waste’.
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